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1 ball, 2 ball, red ball, blue ball

1Ball2BallRedBallBlueBallTutorial.say(“Hello world!”);

I finished tutorializing my 1 ball, 2 ball, red ball, blue ball tutorial today, making that my sixth finished tutorial!

Given that I’ve already made so many tutorials and only have two full days left without a teacher workshop, I’m considering just spending the rest of the time creating new and fun math worlds to be used as example worlds. Creating worlds tailored for middle schoolers to understand and be able to code in preferably about 30 slides limits the amount of creativity and freedom I have with my worlds. In the time that it takes me to write a tutorial, I could probably create 3 example worlds. The tutorials are obviously important to teach the kids, but since I don’t have much time left, I might just make some more fun example worlds that teachers could show the kids before having them program our simple worlds.

Peggy and Chitra are going to look over this tutorial and my matrices one tomorrow, and in the mean time I think it might be fun to create some games—Sudoku, Tetris, Bloons, Set (could be awesome but it would be a pain to make all the cards), Ken-Ken, etc. The teachers loved Liz’s ping pong game at the last workshop, so I think that these games could be a good idea!

After creating so many worlds about randomness, I’m considering using my random digit dialing program on speed x10 to test how the random function really measures up—does each really person get chosen with an equal probability when n is large? The Law of Large numbers says yes—let’s see if Alice agrees.

No more to write today—see yesterday’s post for what is essentially a novel with pictures.


  ace gojo wrote @

were can i download starting world for 1 ball, 2 ball, red ball, blue ball????

  aliceinsummerland wrote @ scroll down to 1 ball 2 ball red ball blue ball and download the finished world!

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