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The Matrix

My fifth tutorial, The Matrix, is finally complete!

(I also have a good job slide at the end that didn’t fit in the screenshot)…After driving a friend to school early for her 9 a.m. final, I was here the earliest I’ve been since the first week. I wanted to get here early because I wanted to leave a little early to start packing since I’m going home tonight! So excited!!

Now that I’ve finished my matrix tutorial, I’m not really sure what to do next. I have some other worlds I’m considering improving and then making tutorials for—d=rt, sampling balls, counting, and craps, for example—but I’m not too crazy about any of them at this point, so if I think of a good idea for a new world I’ll probably make a new world and make a tutorial for that. In any case, I estimate that I’ll have time to make a world and tutorial by the end of next week, which will be my last day of work without a workshop going on all day.

In other business, we went to Chipotle (Chopped Greens for me) for lunch today and had a long conversation about sorority life at Duke! I told Peggy, Sarah and Chitra about different sororities and fraternities on campus, what they’re like, what kinds of things they do, etc. It’s exciting how we all come from such different backgrounds that we’ve learned about one another—Sarah being the oldest, Hawaiian and an english major; Chitra telling us all about UMBC and her aspirations to work on the human interaction side of computer science; Peggy telling us about the happenings in the Duke 2015 group and the recent bats in her apartment; and my Chronicle, Greek life and math stuff!

I’m gone for the weekend—happy July 4th!!

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