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Grammar Nazi

Tutorial #4 finished today!

I finished my random digit dialing tutorial this morning/early afternoon, and it’s only 29 pages!! And 5 of them are the title slide, good job slide, and 3 “check your code” slides, so really only 24—victory! I’ll finish the multiplying matrices tutorial tomorrow, and hopefully post them all into our Alice cloud that we all share and send them to Professor Rodger to see, even though she’s not here this week.

I spent end of the day making corrections for Chitra’s toy story tutorial, which was very good but I think I’ve made way too many corrections. I was basically the Grammar Nazi, changing wording, grammar, capitalization, etc.—things that aren’t too central to the program. The main problem I had was with clarification about where things are coming from and where exactly things should be dragged, but other than that it’s really good!

Sarah joined our wolfpack today in the office, and she made her website and started doing a tutorial at the end (I think? Maybe the man on the moon one?). She’s in a good position because she has all of us to help her whenever she needs it, so I’m sure she’ll be able to speed through the beginning stuff and start working on some worlds soon.

Not much else to say for today! Just worked on tutorials, so not too many interesting pictures, either. But today was one of the most efficient days I’ve had in a while!

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