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Cloud 9

I joined Chitra and Peggy today in our Alice cloud—or file sharing system—finally! Here is a picture of this victory:

I spent most of the day continuing to work on my multiplying matrices program. Because I use lists which can get complicated to refer to all the numbers in the matrices and the green squares behind them, the kids programming this need to already be very comfortable with multiplying matrices, or I really don’t think they’re going to understand why ans(0,0) = (item 0 from world.matrixNumbers * item 4 from world.matrixNumbers) + (item 1 from world.matrixNumbers * item 7 from world.matrixNumbers), for example. I do, however, have a few slides where I make sure the user is on the same page as me when they are writing the code:








I also got a very exciting email from the Alice team tonight! Professor Rodger emailed them a few days ago about the problem I was having where I really needed to be able to use certain text properties of a 3D text object parameter, but couldn’t because Alice didn’t allow for a specific 3D text object parameter type. So one of the guys on the Alice team, Aik Min Choong, sent me an updated version of Alice with the ability to use 3D text objects specifically as parameters and variables and asked me to test it out and see if it works, which I will soon! I am really excited about this—it will definitely make my code for this matrix world much much cleaner! Thank you, Aik Min Choong!!

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