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f*u*n = fun?

Trying to come up with a name for my multiplication table world and I’m obviously failing, hence the title.

Visualization of multiplication table to help understand the indices.

The tutorial is coming along well I think, and it isn’t as complicated as I initially thought it would be. Originally I had a hard time explaining to them why the square for 2×3, for example, would be item 25 in the table. The more words I added, the more complicated it got. So I added in this picture that helped me explain everything much easier. The user can count to see that there are 11 squares on the 0 line, 11 on the 1 line, and 3 on the 2 line before we get to the 2×3 spot. Since we start counting from 0, this is item 25. 25 = 11*2+3, or the number of rows we pass to get to the correct row times 2, plus the number of columns we pass in the correct row to get to our desired location. I think the kids will understand this (hopefully).

Nothing else too exciting in the tutorial, which makes me realize that I need to add more visually appealing pictures and visualizations to these slides. I’m working on a visualization to explain how I switch 2 items in the array. Considering I just finished a tutorial about switching places yesterday, this shouldn’t be too hard. I’m using colored squares like I did yesterday because I think that made the visualization easier. The slide shows explicitly how to do the following problem:

In other business, whoever said that you can’t eat 6 saltines in 1 minute was lying because I definitely had way more than that after buying a big box of them from Costco.

Peggy, Chitra, and I went to Costco this morning with Professor Rodger to buy snacks for the 2-week workshop at the end of July. Costco–the land where Saltines come in packs of 1000. I expected Professor Rodger to buy maybe like 10 boxes of snacks. Had to have been at least 50 massive variety packs of every snack food on the planet. I guess we do need a lot of food to feed 40 people for 2 weeks, though!

(Comparatively) short blog post. Long day. Everyone was tired. Grocery shopping really wears you down, I guess…

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