alice in summerland

learning and teaching math in alice

Walk the walk before you talk the talk

Rather than working on the counting and permutation worlds I created Tuesday and Wednesday, I thought it would be more important for me to take a step back and learn more advanced aspects of Alice with more tutorials that the students created last summer. Learning more advance animation and efficiency will make my programs much better. I encountered a tutorial about plotting points which was the first I’ve seen that actually requires a knowledge of math to program the worlds, rather than just hitting the “Play” button and interacting with them. That is the kind of tutorial I need to be making.

I also got some math books from Professor Rodger that are aimed at middle school girls called “Kiss My Math,” “Math Doesn’t Suck,” and “Hot X: Algebra Exposed!” I can picture my miniature, middle school self picking up these books at the book store and trying to get ahead in math. I’m excited to skim these tomorrow to get some story ideas for more Alice worlds that will interest girls.

Professor Rodger took another student summer research assistant (Julian, who’s working on JFLAP) and I out to a nice German lunch today which was fun, and a good break from being in the office. My first real lunch break!

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