alice in summerland

learning and teaching math in alice


I was all over the place today.

I moved into my new office this morning! I have my own desk and computer, and there are four other desks in this room for the other students who will be coming to work on this Alice project in a couple of weeks. I spent some time today talking with the grad students who have been working in this office for the past year, and they told me that they’re going to be working at Facebook, Cisco, and Oracle this summer!

Before lunchtime I mostly did tutorials, including the one involving a penguin and heights, a baseball game, a kangaroo and animation, texture maps, and penguin random color. One small mistake I saw on the penguin random color tutorial was that the last else statement in world.penguins.ChangeColor should say “whichPenguin” instead of just “penguin.” Other than that, these tutorials were really helpful.

The player will help Alice fall asleep by counting animals.

Having done enough tutorials for the day, I decided to try making my own world. I created a little game where the main character’s mom tells her that she needs to fall asleep before she gets back or she will be grounded, and so Alice asks the player for help counting animals that are flying across her room in order to help her fall asleep. This was really just an experimental world, and the math (counting) help would probably only be useful for lower school students. We’re trying to reach middle school students with these programs, so I’m not planning on publishing this one on the website. Code and visuals could have also been much cleaner, but I am still proud of it since I just learned Alice yesterday! Might finish this tomorrow, might start something new, we’ll see.

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