alice in summerland

learning and teaching math in alice

Week 1: May 16-May 20

Little me is back in town.

It’s been fun this week to put myself in a middle schooler’s shoes and go back to the basics. For loops, if statements, arrays, and variables. Elementary algebra, geometry, probability, counting. During my linear algebra, multivariable calculus, and calculus-based probability courses during this past year in college, we rarely used concrete examples with actual numbers after the first few weeks. Even though the theory is so important and I’m learning to appreciate it more, I do often miss how fun it is to just play with and manipulate numbers. I also missed writing fun little programs. Most of my remaining courses of the computer science major don’t cover programming but instead theory, just like the math major. This summer will be the last time I program before I learn “magic” behind what the computer does with my code in CompSci 104 and onward. Then things start to get serious.






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